A Bitcoin wallet is a must-have tool to trade in Bitcoins. You can’t receive, store or spend your Bitcoins without a wallet. Bitcoin wallets come with special keys or secret codes that allow you to use your Bitcoins. If you forget or lose this special key, you will have said goodbye to your Bitcoins. When looking to create a Bitcoin wallet, you will have two choices; a hardware wallet and an online wallet. The best wallet is the hardware option because it’s more secure than an online wallet. Speaking of hardware Bitcoin wallets, here are the 3 main types to contemplate:

1)   Trezor Bitcoin wallet

Trezor boasts the first ever Bitcoin hardware wallet. It was disseminated in the marketplace in August 2014. You can think of this wallet as the digital equivalent of your physical wallet that holds your cash. It’s considered the most secure Bitcoin hardware wallet out there. It stores your private keys and signs off your transactions without the keys ever leaving the hardware device. It also supports other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash and more. Therefore, when considering investing in cryptocurrencies, and holding them for a very long time, you certainly need to store them on a hardware wallet. The downside to Trezor is that it costs $99 a piece. That can be pretty expensive for those operating on slim budgets.

2)   Ledger Nano S Bitcoin wallet

Ledger Nano S is a Bitcoin hardware wallet that lets you store your Bitcoins on the device. It’s made of plastic and metal combination, making it safer even when dropped. It comes with a standard USB cable that lets you plug it into your computer. Ledger Nano S comes with a price tag of $95. One unique feature of Ledger Nano S is that it comes with physical buttons to confirm transactions. This provides an extra layer of security to your Bitcoins. If you’re looking for a hardware wallet, this is certainly one to contemplate.

3)   KeepKey Hardware Bitcoin wallet

KeepKey Hardware Bitcoin wallet was disseminated in the marketplace in September 2015. It’s the most secure and feature-rich when compared to Ledger Nano S and Trezor, making it ideal for both new and experienced Bitcoin owners. It comes with a digital screen metal body.  It has a price tag of $99, which makes it one of the most expensive hardware wallets out there.


While hardware wallets are pretty pricey, cryptocurrency experts recommend them, as they store your Bitcoins offline. That means no hacker or scammer will be able to access your coins as it happens with digital wallets. If you’re planning to keep your Bitcoins for the long term, choose hardware wallet over online wallet.

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